Music school for both adults and kids in Moscow


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Would you like to provide your children with an all-round development opportunity? Or, maybe, you’re dreaming of practicing music yourself? Enroll for our private music school called “Laureate”: we assist unlocking talents!

We offer training programs of musical instruments playing as well as courses of vocal, theatrical acting techniques, stage movement for kids in age starting from three and also for adults, without any age limitations. Our school is the first one in Moscow being an international music school, which is open for attending by anybody, who wants to, regardless of his/her experience, education, nationality or occupational level.

We believe: in order to tap into the art properly, to unlock your own abilities and to achieve a high result, one needs to have a desire, some diligence, an assistance of a talented tutor and a comfortable, friendly, almost household atmosphere in the course of the studies. Exactly this kind of an environment has been created in the music school “Laureate” by our efforts.