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Piano play studying

The “Laureate” is the first in Moscow international piano school for both adults and children, where a special attention is paid to supporting of amiability and tolerance.

Individual lessons (60 min)

  • 1 Lesson
    Drop-in free
    1400 rub.
  • 4 Lessons
    1/2 Times a week
    5000 rub.
    savings 600 rub.
  • 8 Lessons
    2 Times a week
    9600 rub.
    savings 1600 rub.
  • 12 Lessons
    2/3 Times a week
    13800 rub.
    savings 3000 rub.
  • 24 Lessons
    2/3 Times a week
    26400 rub.
    savings 7200 rub.
  • 48 Lessons
    2/3 Times a week
    48000 rub.
    savings 19200 rub.

Piano course program

Our teachers will:


Instruct you how to put hands in correct manner

Teach you note symbols and music basics

Help you to assimilate various techniques of piano playing

Select a diversified repertoire

Teach you improvising on the instrument

Aside from the musical instrument play studying itself, we offer lessons on music history and theory and vocal course for those interested in trying their gifts on a stage. Piano studying is conducted easily and interestingly, owing to which our students do not encounter difficulties with an adaptation. We do unlock creative potential of students!


The piano school is situated in the very center of Moscow, close to the subway station. It is easy to get to us — come to us and take a guest study absolutely free of charge!

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