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Alto play studying

> The best teachers graduated from only the best musical educational institutions of Russia and the world;
>Fascinating lessons instead of monotonous practicing of notes and scales;
> Combination of modern and classical studying methods.
> Individual approach to a student;
> Contests, concerts (at student’s choice);
> Comfortable atmosphere;

Individual lessons (60 min)

  • 1 Lesson
    Drop-in free
    1400 rub.
  • 4 Lessons
    1/2 Times a week
    5000 rub.
    savings 600 rub.
  • 8 Lessons
    2 Times a week
    9600 rub.
    savings 1600 rub.
  • 12 Lessons
    2/3 Times a week
    13800 rub.
    savings 3000 rub.
  • 24 Lessons
    2/3 Times a week
    26400 rub.
    savings 7200 rub.
  • 48 Lessons
    2/3 Times a week
    48000 rub.
    savings 19200 rub.

The alto play studying course includes:


Music theory studying

Making familiarity with the instrument ant its configuration peculiarities

Rules of correct holding of the instrument and hands

Teaching of melodious way of sounds release

Development of an ear for music and a sense of rhythm

Making familiarity with instrument’s technical capabilities

Opuses selection for performance

An erroneous opinion has formed that playing alto should be started only by those, who already has mastered the violin and can play quite well. This is absolutely not this way. Starting alto play studying is possible in any age regardless of whether you had an experience with violin performance or not. For this course, you can enroll your child, who just recently started his/her familiarity with musical instruments and in this reason or another chose namely the alto. You can come to us by yourself, even in a case that you have yet no initial musical education. We also waiting for those, who already can play violin and wishes to try his/her hand in work with other stringed-bowed instruments.


The main feature of the Moscow’s musical school “Laureate” consists in our individual approach to students; after all some persons need more time for learning how to play the alto while other ones cope with it in an easy and fast way.


Enrolling for a first free lesson you can on our site or at the phone number +7(495)922-03-01; so you’ll get all the information of interest for you from an administrator!


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