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Musical-esthetical upbringing for children in age from 4

> The best teachers graduated from only the best musical educational institutions of Russia and the world;
> Fascinating lessons instead of monotonous practicing of notes and scales;
> Combination of modern and classical studying methods.
> Individual approach to a student;
> Contests, concerts (at student’s choice);
> Comfortable atmosphere;

Individual lessons (60 min)

  • Musical-esthetical upbringing for children in age from 4 (45 minut+ 60 minut)
    2 Times a week
    15000 rub.

This course for the children in age from 4 includes as follows:

Individual lessons on musical instrument play studying at option (piano, violin and others for elder children / or vocal studying (45 minutes)

Solfeggio (30 minutes)

Rhythmics lesson (30 minutes)



Solfeggio lessons are adapted specially for pre-schoolers and envisage training in a playing form available for your kid perception. The main goals of the solfeggio lessons:

  1. A pitch-sensitive ear development.
  2. Musical memory development (solmization, musical dictation), which allows reading a musical notation quickly and fail-safely.


Rhythmics lessons or a course of rhythmic gymnastics on the method by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze as well as solfeggio lessons are conducted in a group counted up to seven persons. The main goals of these lessons:

  1. Teaching to rhythmic movements in concord with music.
  2. Preventive measures against fatigability, fault in posture, flat foot.
  3. Reinforcement of muscles of all groups.
  4. Forming of meaningful movements.


The lessons in frame of this course are conducted twice a week (a lesson on specialty is conducted once or twice per week in accordance with student’s circumstances).


Our music school does bring up young laureates! More detailed information on the lessons in frame of this course can be obtained by you over the telephone number +7(495)922-03-01 or you can fill-in a form on the site.

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