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A music occupation requires intentions seriousness, time, efforts and persistence. The most important components of a future success are regular exercises and rehearsals. If you have no place, where to do it, come to the music school “Laureate”, where for a small money you’ll be able to lease a musical classroom for a necessary time interval.


The classrooms in our school are given in rent together with equipment. If you would like to make your exercises on key instruments, drumkits, stringed or wind instruments, on a leasehold basis, you will be provided with a classroom with all necessary for efficient rehearsal equipment and also, of course, a creative atmosphere is guaranteed. In the school “Laureate”, the hourly lease is applied for classrooms with pianos, guitars, violins, drumkits, xylophones and other musical instruments. Besides, it is possible to lease musical classrooms with a microphone.


More than that, our school students can have their rehearsals absolutely free within the walls of this educational institution in a case of preliminary negotiations with the administration with a purpose of coordinating of empty classrooms availability and desirable time!


Rent of a musical classroom in the school “Laureate”


An undoubted advantage of a classroom rent at us is our school convenient location. We are situated in the very center of Moscow city, close to entrance to subway.


The classrooms in the school are spacious and nicely decorated; the equipment is of high quality; the instruments are in working order and tuned. And above all, we wait for all those, who decided devoting his/her time to music, and we are ready to give them classrooms in rent in a reasonable price.

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