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What is it, a fest for children? This is bright emotions, merry cries and a lot of various entertainment moments. And as for all this, the school “Laureate” will assist you to arrange by efforts of our facilitators, professionals in their area, both directly within the walls of the music school and beyond it.


Childish fests arrangement in Moscow is one of additional activity directions of the school “Laureate”. We tender the entire services complex in this area.


In a case of ordering fests for children or other events arrangement at us, you can rely on the following:


> оформление площадки

> составление программы и ее согласование с заказчиком

> подбор конкурсов, игр, развлечений

> подбор костюмов для аниматоров

> развлечения на любой вкус: шоу мыльных пузырей, воздушные шары, хлопушки и многое другое

> организация чаепития


Fests for children ‘turn-key’-arrangement in the school “Laureate” guarantees that it would be an interesting event, about which children would not stop talking for a very long time from now on. After all, the festivity created by us is always filled up with rousing atmosphere, merry music and above all millions of contests, games and unbelievable ideas.


In a case of fests arrangement in Moscow, there are taken into consideration age and number of children, their preferences, favorite characters, etc. An individual approach allows us making every fest for children (regardless of whether it be within the school walls or beyond it) a unique memorable and bright event in children’ lives.


Thematic parties are a special direction; today it is really popular among events facilitators; and as for us, we are not in arrears of trends in this area. Our facilitators specialize on the thematic parties conducting, program of which is selected individually for our young orderers!


Enjoyment and smiles of gratitude of our little clients are the most important things for the music school “Laureate”.

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